Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Searching for the perfect bowl @ Menya Ramen Melbourne

By now, you guys must have figured out that I'm front and centre of the bandwagon of ramen-obsessed.

In my last few days of summer in Manila, I pretty much ate ramen at least once a day. I've found the perfect bowl in the (in)famous Ukkokei Ramen Ron in Manila that now has a cult-like following, and once again in Ramen Kan in Sydney (best tonkotsu I've tried so far). But I still search and search and search! Especially for one here in Melbourne to rival my two favourites - a girl's gotta get her fix!
So here we are, another restaurant, another bowl. A lot more slurping.

We went for Menya Ramen in the city - a cute and well-lit eatery. Inexpensive and with a utilitarian vibe. Squares of varnished wood tables and chairs, get-it-yourself jugs of water and glasses. I found it adorable how they sold YanYan by the cashier!
Belle ordered tonkatsu over rice. I don't want to say it's katsudon because... Well, it isn't the typical bowl you get when you order katsudon in most restaurants. So tonkatsu over rice it is. Delight! Such a nice hearty bowl to fill you up.
I forgot to take note of which ramen I ordered, but then again it wasn't like I care to remember for future reference. I found their ramen lacking in seasoning and body. Boring! 

I do recall it being cheap though, so if you're looking for a quick Japa-fix for that grumbling tummy, here is an option!
I will attest to this though - they do a pretty good soft-boiled egg.


Love and the steadfast hunt,
Menya Ramen
437 Elizabeth Street
Melbourne CBD, VIC 3000
+61 (3) 9328 8928

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