Monday, 30 April 2012

Hell yeah, dirty bass.

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Brekkie Frittata

Australian slang, people. Australian slang. Got this down pat.
That right there is my once in a lifetime version of a vegetarian breakfast frittata. I say once in a lifetime because I don't use a recipe for frittatas. And I don't think you should either! They're such a great vehicle for using up whatever odd ends you have left in your fridge or pantry that there's no reason to keep it all the same. As long as you have a bunch of eggs, of course. That's what binds this all together.

Got half an onion left from dinner last night? Throw it in! Leftover barbecued chicken? Shred it up and dump it in as well! A head of broccoli that you forgot you bought at the farmers' market last weekend? Ah, come on, OF COURSE!

This is such a lovely thing to cook on a lazy Saturday or Sunday morning. And then you have the leftovers to eat over the next week. Win-win!

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Keizo x MNL

Family lunch at a teensy tiny Japanese restaurant by Burgos Circle. It's a cozy pocket-sized thing tucked next to a Monterey Meat Shop, almost a little secret of a restaurant. It's very unpretentious and it is easy to sit back and relax inside. My parents love it here because the sushi is apparently very fresh (I'm saying apparently because... I wouldn't know haha!), and the rest of the food is very true to Japanese cuisine.

And I love it too, because they're very accommodating of my eating restrictions!

Sometimes you really have to step away from all those Asian fusion restaurants and just tuck into the real deal - and this is one of the places to do so.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Fairy Walk

I spent a lovely Saturday with the MPC a few weeks ago - the aim being to enjoy a day of getting lost, taking photos and getting to know each other. We made our way early in the morning til the slowing afternoon through Ashcombe Maze, Cape Schanck and the Sorrento Back Beach.
Take a peek at what we saw that day :)

Monday, 23 April 2012

Zucchini Potato Latkes - DANGER! Addictive!

If you ever make this for breakfast, lunch, dinner or merienda, do try and restrain yourself while cooking. Unlike me. I'm pretty sure I ate half of everything I cooked while I was actually cooking (see photo above).

These are deliriously addictive, and magnificently easy to make. A dangerous combination because sooner than later, you'll find yourself obsessed. I know I am!
Today, I'll show you how I like to whip up these zucchini potato latkes. Very simple! With only the slightest risk of grating your fingers. Watch out!

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Kebab Factory x MNL

One of my guilty pleasures back in Manila... The Kebab Factory! Even before I went vegetarian, I'd frequent this place on a regular basis - nothing has changed!

I had lunch with Helen and Raj here while I was home, and it was lovely! I definitely had been missing my fix of their food while in Melbourne. They serve food slightly tailored to the Filipino palette, as the owner is an Indian that who pretty much grew up in the Philippines.

I've yet to find my go-to Persian / Indian / Mediterranean / kebab place over here! But soon :)

The Kebab Factory is decorated without frills, and it's quite refreshing! A minimalist and modern atmosphere with the odd brightly patterned almost mosaic lamp here and there. The staff are lovely, and bring a plate of some kind of spicy sauce (the red-orange) and garlic sauce (the white) once you are seated - used with whatever breads, curries or kebabs you decide to order. I'm addicted to these. I wish I asked specifically what they were.

Friday, 20 April 2012

Bokeh Hunters

A couple of weekends ago, I found myself at Fed Square in the city with many of the other photography club members to do some toying around with bokeh!
Well, I didn't find myself there - I went there intentionally. It wasn't an accident. Don't be mistaken.

Click click click for some shots from that day! :)

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Hong Kong Food Trails Day 4: City Super, Hip Katsu and Peking Garden

So. Much. Food. That day was intense! In all fairness though, we were doing some major shopping all over the place too. ;)

Of course, we started our day at City Super. Lazy bunch, we are. Luckily, we get to be quite spoilt with choice there. No need to bicker over where to eat since we'd all go off on our own and meet up at a table with trays of food in hand.

Let me warn you - probably shouldn't click through this post if you're in bed and ready to sleep. This is a hefty post! I know I've succumbed to watching cooking videos on youtube and looking through recipe websites or those 'food porn' tumblrs before going to bed and then subsequently tortured by the awareness that the next appropriate meal time is 'tomorrow'. Hahaha! I know you all do this too!

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Day 5: Hong Kong Disneyland!

A beautiful day where dreams come true! It feels so good to run around a place like Disneyland, I felt so at peace with the world haha!


A week in twitpics and mobile uploads. 

Click the photo for the twitter page of whoever posted it.

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Hong Kong Food Trails Day 3

Last December, I went to Hong Kong. I was ready to blog like mad, but then two days into the trip, my laptop crashed. Here's what I did end up posting:

Day 1: Touchdown!
Day 2: The Movement

And here's the beginning of what was missed those wistful months ago!

Unfortunately, I won't be able to remember the names of most of the dishes... Unlike when I was blogging every night when everything was still fresh in mind and just recently digested. But here we go!

City Super. Peanut soup and noodles with a side of breaded and fried animal, which I gave to my little brother, who is an absolute fanatic for breaded and fried animal bits. Give him nondescript 'chicken' in the shape of dinosaurs or the alphabet and he'll happily slurp along. Hahaha actually they are pretty damn yummy from what I remember :P No hate!

Wine Weekend x MNL

My first Saturday and Sunday back in Manila. My home. The sweet, sticky city that I just can't get enough of.

I brought home TimTams for my pretty girl Sam. First stop was Bar Dolci. I mean, where else would you go on a hot summer day in Manila? ;) They didn't have my favourite, Thai Tea - so I went with Mint Chocolate Chip and Mexican Chocolate (spicy, you know how I like it).
We spent the entire afternoon at Barcino, a Spanish restaurant-slash-bar.

Cheap bottles of white wine and some tapas to keep ourselves amused between kwentos. I think that culturally, kwento is such a great part of us Filipinos. It's our way of catching up, telling stories, updating each other. We can talk about all our discoveries, experiences, excitements. But it's not just the typical 'let's catch up' - it's become this unique part of our socialising frame work... Guiltless chattering on and on about oneself, what's new, then eagerly listening to whoever has the next giddy thing to say.

"Make me kwento!"
"Hey, ooooh, I have some kwento for you giiiirl!"

or even just the simplest SMS message or tweet


I love it. Now the word looks a bit weird though, like when you say something too many times in a row it doesn't sound right anymore.
This is what we do - eat, drink and be merry - and boy, are we good at it.
You can see that we were really there from the brightest of the day til past sunset. Always a good time with this girl.
The next day, I caught up with Migs. Slight change of scenery, we went to Barcino in Rockwell instead of Barcino in Fort Bonifacio. Creatures of habit? Why fix it if it ain't broken?
I'm pretty sure I went to Barcino again the day after. Yum.

Love always,

PS. Sorry I haven't been keeping up with posts, I have a lot lined up I promise! It was just so nice to spend last week back at home that I let myself slip a little bit.
PPS. Will slowly be trying to remodel bits of the blog. As you may have noticed, I've made the blog area a bit wider, and the photos larger as well. I used to be pretty good with tech-y shit a few years back but need to get a hang of it all over again now. If anyone wants to lend a helping hand, hit me up on twitter or facebook!

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

A for Effort, G for Gnocchi

The surprise package my mom sent me arrived this week! I already knew what it was going to be once she asked "Are the power outlets over there 110V or 220V?", and was so excited all week. This is the magic bullet my friends, and laugh if you will, but I can see myself having a blast with it! Check the infomercial out on youtube if you've yet to see it. I can already see the mounds of pesto I'll be making. And so much more. Falafels. Veggie patties. Salsa. Guac. *drool*

I also had my first attempt at gnocchi.

Monday, 2 April 2012

Quick Lunch

Al dente penne. Olive oil. Roasted garlic. Lightly steamed broccoli. Spicy herbed breadcrumbs. Salt, pepper and cayenne.

Simple is best.