Sunday, 26 February 2012

Frozen Food.

My mom and I had been so busy last week setting up my new dorm room and kitchenette over here that one night she just said 

"Jess... Please let's just get a microwavable meal or something. Something bilis lang."
So of course I said yes! I've always been so curious about frozen meals and the like. So interesting, and quick, and... Accessible.
Momma went for a thin crust pizza, and I got some veggie gyoza.

The gyoza was easy enough! We decided to pan fry, so she'd be free to use the microwave oven for the pizza. I burnt them a little bit though. Otherwise, simple enough. Shot glasses for soy sauce... Hahahaha. She bought them for me!

Unwrapping the pizza.
Unfortunately, we had no idea how to work the microwave oven. We put it to grill, but it really just... Heated the pizza. In all fairness though, why did we expect it to get crisp while cooking on a plate. Really? Silly us.

So my mom reached for my new baking sheet / thin cake pan. Unfortunately we ended up burning half the pizza bottom, as well as torching my baking sheet. This frozen food stuff is not as easy as people make it seem!!! We would've ended up eating faster had we actually cooked hahaha. All's well though.
So the next night, we did it our way. Home made spanakopita! My mom made some for her last dinner party, so knew the general gist of the recipe so I just played along with her.

I'd put up a recipe, but we didn't use one. We bought some filo pastries that we didn't photograph because our hands were really buttery. If you google the recipe / filo pastry, you'll find the sheets need to be brushed with butter. We used a mix of spinach, garlic, onions, Danish feta, ricotta, eggs, S&P and some breadcrumbs. 
We made another attempt at using the microwave oven, but... Again, flawed logic in thinking they'd crisp up on a plate. Nope, just got really really hot.
So we pan fried with the butter brushed on! Didn't use anymore oil or extra butter. Turned out delicious!
So on my first ever orientation lecture, I had some for good energy! I wore black boots, black tights / stockings (I forget which is the thick and which is the thin one... Regardless.), denim shorts and one of my favourite white button ups!

I really have to get back into the swing of blogging. I guess the new environment is putting me a bit out of my flow. My little dining table is also black, making it horrendous for taking photos on. Need to get a white / off-white tablecloth for that. It's such a great feeling to slowly spruce up your own place as you go!


Wednesday, 22 February 2012

New ground

This past week has brought such wonder. I'm on completely new ground, exploring the potential of... well... My life. Hah.

Wrapping station at Ikea. DIY, if you don't want your stuff to break.
My new room. Before the wave of home-making.
A neat trick I learned from my mom, who learned from her boyfriend.
First batch of groceries.
Cool water dispenser.
Things that weren't on the grocery list that we picked up while looking for things on the grocery list.
My initial cupboard set up (it gets better, promise).
Me being domestic.
And my adorable new measuring cups. They're babushkas, and each half of the body is a different cup measurement.
I'm still not whole here though... I'm distracted by all the house accessory shopping, the cabinet organising, the laundry doing etc. I'm not whole.

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Hello again!

Guess who is baaaack!?


New laptop ✓
New iPhone ✓
New place ✓

That also means the ff:

New kitchen ✓
New pots and pans ✓
New cutting boards ✓ (two tones of wood, yes, just like I've wanted for so long, thanks for remembering!)
New knives ✓
etc. you get the point, right?

Which, if you follow that trail of thought even further, also means...

New posts on Demitasse!



Stay tuned, sweethearts. I'll be giving you the low down on things like how I've been pimping out my new dorm room, space-saving and other such wisdom from my mom, kitchen happenings and mis-happenings and so and such and much.