Thursday, 5 January 2012

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry, dearest readers, that I have been so bad at updating lately.

In reality, I had planned on one post a day coming from Hong Kong. I have a few restaurants I'd planned to write about as well. But my laptop crashed (again, just like when I was in Australia) while I was in Hong Kong, and... Our technician has yet to come over. I could, technically, blog from our desktop, but all my image editing apps are all nice and set up already on my laptop and it'd just ruin my flow of blogging haha.

I promise I will make up for it soon by writing religiously! Especially since I'll be transitioning to move to Australia very, very soon! I have restaurants lined up, more on the Hong Kong Food Trails, shopping hauls, etc.!

I really miss writing...

I'll be back soon!

All my love,