Friday, 23 November 2012

Summertime Celebrations @ DESSERT STORY

My darlings! I've missed you!

I am now fully in summer break, and boy, has it been a busy one! Straight after exams I got busy packing up my room for storage to prepare for my trip home to Manila. Lucky for me though, I got the chance to spend an afternoon with Belle and some friends at Dessert Story in Chinatown!

Couldn't wait to get my hands on some yummy celebratory treats!
It was such a beautiful sunny day, and perfect weather for my favourite snow ice.
Our first order was Mango Pomelo Sago with Green Tea Ice Cream ($7.90).
This reminded me of home so much! Like the mango and sago we get for dessert when we go for big Chinese family lunches or dinners! Perfect combination of flavours, and such a big serving too! Definitely something great to share with friends or a date.
I ordered the Peanut Snow Ice with Black Sesame and Crushed Peanut ($9.90).
Obviously my favourite one. Cannot beat this combination! And the texture is like eating a cloud. I was so curious about the process of how they get it so light and fluffy. I raved about this one the very first time I visited Dessert Story as well!

We also had Black Glutinous Rice with Mango and Coconut Milk ($6.50).
This one was yummy too, but my attention was definitely on the snow ice now! 
Belle ordered the Mango Milk Crushed Ice with Vanilla Ice Cream.
Great way to beat the heat! Some hardcore cooling down going on over here. The crushed ice seems a lot colder than the snow ice, and is really refreshing.
Look at how happy we are! All that yummy in our tummies, how could we not be delighted! Hehe.
Friends, do check out Dessert Story. They have branches scattered all around Melbourne so it's super accessible! I'm not the biggest dessert fan, but I don't think I'd ever turn down one from here.

Check them out on Facebook and like their page! And make sure you visit this summer, especially as the heat starts to pick up.
Love and the sweetest treats,
Dessert Story
195 Little Bourke Street
Melbourne CBD, VIC 3000
+61 (3) 9650 7776

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