Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Confusingly AMAZING snow mountains @ Dessert Story

Odd title, isn't it? "Confusingly amazing" - okay, fair enough. "Snow mountains" - you mean, to eat?

Yes. Yes to all of that! Dessert Story is a franchise started by three men all with a pretty adorable passion for Asian (more specifically Taiwanese and Hong Kong) home-style desserts. Apparently, a passion so grand that they have over 100 items on their menu. 

Initially, I was a little bit judgemental about this chain, to be honest. A rouged up dessert franchise that I'd see all around the city offering what I thought was just shaved ice? Cheers, I'll pass. But thank all the goodness in the Universe that Shiv took me here after our dinner at Shimbashi, because I have now been very appropriately set straight and put in my place. 
The gaudy red lanterns set a unique tone to the store. The bookshelf wallpaper, the bustling shrieks of Asian customers and staff. It was a moths to the flame situation. All of us inevitably drawn to a taste of 'home'. I am usually not a fan of overcrowded and loud places (I scare easy), but this felt like I was in the familiar hustle and bustle of Hong Kong, or any other key Asian city. Refreshing, I could call it?

To drink, I ordered Mango Coconut Jelly with Diced Mango. Years ago, a friend took me to get something similar in Hong Kong that had tiny glutinous rice balls instead of the usual pearls or jelly. With no hesitation, I can say it changed my life. I yearn for the same creamy-coconut-tangy-mango-sticky-rice-stuck-to-your-teeth combination constantly.

And while incomplete (no sticky rice!), this was a lovely reminder of that.
Shiv said to order the snow ice, of all things, from the expansive menu. I've learnt to listen to him, because when I do, usually good things happen.

Plus, I always find that when given too many options, I get a bit overwhelmed. So a bit of direction was very welcome.

We shared two bowls. The first, Peanut Snow Ice with Black Sesame and Crushed Peanut. Did good things happen? Great things happened.
These flavours are just... So modest. Peanuts and sesame? "Psh", say you? Modest, but in the best of ways. So home-y and addictive. We have quite a few Filipino treats that make use of similar flavour combinations as well, and let me tell you, it is winner winner (faux) chicken dinner over here!
I was mind-boggled when I first sunk my spoon into this mountain of delight. I was expecting a rough, ice-y texture. A little watery. Much like our halo-halo or mais con yelo, some great desserts of my childhood that also use shaved ice. But it was like cutting through a cloud. It was soft and fragile and creamy. It was rich.

It was confusing!

It was amazing.
Our other bowl to share was the Green Tea Snow Ice with Red Bean and Chocolate. Again, flavours that I am so familiar and so in-love with. The Japanese in me calling out to a piece of home.
A coupling that never fails to disappoint! The green tea was not overpowering, and neither were the red beans. Sweet, but in a restrained manner. We couldn't finish the red beans, though, and we both agreed that the serving was overly gracious. But I'm sure others would be thrilled with that!

It felt like eating whipped velvet butter. Or your favourite downy blanket in food form. It tasted beyond magical.
All I can say to you is please, go to your nearest Dessert Story. They are everywhere. If not for some memories of your childhood, or a holiday to some inconspicuous Asian city, go to try something new that will hopefully excite your tastebuds.

Love and glutinous rice balls,

Dessert Story
195 Little Bourke Street
Melbourne CBD, VIC 3000
+61 (3) 9650 7776
Official Site

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P.S. Sorry, but I forgot to make note of the prices! I will say though that it was well-priced, and the servings were quite large too.


  1. The peanut and sesame snow mountain is my favourite thing from dessert story. I love the texture!

  2. It looks so delicious! I wish they had one in Chicago!