Sunday, 23 September 2012

Shyun in Carnegie will definitely keep you coming back!

When Shiv sent me the link to Shyun, there wasn't a lick of hesitation in wanting to check it out. He told me he used to come here a handful of times every week, and that is more than enough to get me interested!

Shyun is a little Japanese restaurant in Carnegie that aims to maintain the motto "Delicious, Affordable and Fast". They pride themselves in top handmade quality, freshness (all sashimi sliced upon ordering), and a genuinely friendly staff. I can definitely back them up on that!

A regular sashimi platter, with 10 slices of three kinds of fish ($9.00), all subject to market availability that day. Clean and simple presentation, fresh fish. What more could you ask for?
Of course, something I cannot resist, vegetarian or not. Takoyaki ($5 for 8 pieces, wow) is just something the Japanese side of me clings to.

Made with a batter that came out beautifully crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, with pieces of octopus and other bits (usually things like pickled ginger, green onion) in the centre. Drizzled with takoyaki sauce and mayonnaise, then sprinkled with nori strips and bonito flakes. Perfection!
Shiv ordered the salmon don ($12.90) - fresh salmon sashimi on rice. Graciously huge serving! Definitely one for sashimi lovers, get your fill at Shyun!

Their presentation is delightful as well, that little rose in the centre, ahck! It's the little details that add that something special.

I ordered from the mix and match bento menu. What I loved about this was that even though it was a 'bento', it isn't the typical small-serving-in-big-tray-with-compartments. They are so generous with their servings here, it was a struggle to finish everything!

My order (base price of $3) consisted of teriyaki tofu ($3.00), miso eggplant with miso sauce ($4.00), and vegetable tempura ($4.00). It came with a side salad and some mashed potato.
Everything on my plate was almost sinfully good. Though the orders would seem quite heavy, they weren't! I was just a little overwhelmed by how much food there was, hehe.

All the tastes were balanced, no overpowering sweetness from the teriyaki or miso. I don't know how they did it, but the coating on the tofu retained this amazing crunch while still being glutinous (see below!). It was great. Wonderful vegetarian options!

To cap our meal off, we shared a little cup of green tea ice cream. Another thing I can almost never resist. I usually make my own green tea ice cream back in Manila! But this is the next best thing - after a big, big meal!
The area we stayed in was actually a second section in the back that lead to another third room. These guys have got it going on! Talk about demand! Below is a photo of the front of the restaurant.

Gorgeous lighting, and a great, organic atmosphere. Lots of wood and a glowing warmth. I love everything about it. The huge glass front just washes the room with light.
Shiv is a Shyun member, because of how long (and often!) he's been a patron! His photo is even up on the wall.
What an amazing little find! I'm so happy that Shiv took me here. The staff are so sweet and sincere - very attentive and smile-y. Excuse my inarticulacy. Great buzzing atmosphere, and there were a lot of Japanese guests! That's gotta mean something good, right? Right. Not to mention, their prices are very wallet-friendly!

I'm sure in saying I'll be finding myself at Shyun again in no time. As should you!

Love and that sticky, sweet glaze,
Shyun Sushi + Seasonal Seafood
126 Koornang Road
Carnegie, VIC 3163
+61 (3) 9569 6530
Official site

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