Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Pancake Parlour

The day after my final exam of my first ever semester of university (woah!), I met up with Lorrabelle and James. It was my last full day in Melbourne before flying off for a month of adventures. 

Lorrabelle suggested Pancake Parlour, and I had been craving pancakes for so long ever since moving to Australia. I've yet to pinpoint a reason for this, but it is true.

Lorrabelle ordered the Bavarian Apple pancakes - warm, spiced apple served on two buttermilk pancakes dusted with cinnamon and with a choice of cream or ice cream. What a delight this plate was. In doubt?

Look below and just feel your stomach grumble, and your mouth water. Live vicariously through these photos - imagine the soft apples, yet still with that distinct apple-y bite to them. Imagine inhaling the warm cinnamon fumes. Imagine the cold vs. hot powerplay in your mouth.
I went for a more savoury option, the Eggs Florentine - a buckwheat pancake topped with sautéed baby spinach, two free-range poached eggs and smothered in our warm home-made hollandaise sauce. Oh. Goodness.

Oh goodness! This was lovely. I could've done with a heftier serving of spinach, and maybe a little bit more acidity in the hollandaise, but otherwise... It does tick many a checkbox.
I mean, did you see that oozing yolk or what!? In case you missed it, though I doubt you did, but let's let our minds indulge once more anyway.
And although most people would've been in the hump of hump day, the noon of midweeks - here I was in celebratory bliss with my espressotini. #nojudgement
And here is sweet James with some parting gifts! Made my last day so special (will blog more about why soon!).
Pinot grigio. Because... Well, why not?

I wouldn't come here on a regular basis, simply because of the price. It isn't exactly student friendly, with dishes being in the $15-$20 range for pancakes. I mean, in Manila one would expect quite the feast for $20! But it's sweet; the staff are friendly, the food is pretty good, and it's cutely decorated. It's fun in that I-wouldn't-usually-do-this kind of way, since where else would you get such a range of pancakes.

Take your family here, maybe. Or go for a pricey hangover pancake-a-thon. Both ends of the spectrum work. How could you go wrong with pancakes?


Pancake Parlour
Level 3, Melbourne Central
La Trobe Street cor. Swanston Street
Melbourne, VIC 3000
+61 (3) 9654 3117

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  1. I'm so glad someone blogged about Pancake Parlour! I ate there once for brunch (terribly hungover at that) and I swear it was as if rainbows were shooting out of my ass afterwards. Talk about utter satisfaction! I'd have to agree with you though. Quite steep contrast to other joints but hey, it's worth the occasional splurge!
    I hope you post more about your gastronomic adventures in Melbourne. I was there a couple of months ago for vacation and am now seriously considering moving there!
    -Epicurious ;)

    1. Hey Epicurious!

      Agreed on the occasional splurge! I could really use some wild form of pancakes or waffles right now as well! There will be more to come on Melbourne once I'm back in a month, but I'll be doing a quick series on Sydney soon since I just stopped by there!

      Melbourne is lovely, and I'm sure you won't be disappointed by moving there - so many places to explore, and the people are delightful. As I'm sure you've experienced on your travels there!