Tuesday, 1 May 2012


A couple of Mondays ago, I spent some time at a Spanish tapas bar called MoVida Next Door. A cozy little place tucked in a crazy alley way.

There couldn't have been a better way to spend that Monday evening than with some delicious wine, tapas and unfiltered conversation with a girlfriend. I had the most amazing mushrooms of my life!!! 

Beautiful art lines the street that MoVida has squeezed itself into.
There's a distinct vibrance and youthfulness to this area that gets you so excited! The inside of the bar itself isn't too big, and the tables fill up fast with reservations, so make sure to book ahead. We sat at the bar, it was about five in the afternoon I think? So there wasn't a chance for the crowds to fill in yet, but they'd definitely prepared in advance as we couldn't get a normal floor table.
When you sit and are given time to browse the menu and drinks list, one of the lovely waiters will serve you a plate of bread and olive oil. I wish I had asked the kinds of bread because it was just genius on a platter.
I decided on a bottle of pinot gris for us to share. But I wouldn't have minded trying some of their cocktails as well!
It is a little bit pricey here, but the atmosphere is lovely and so are the staff. Each dish is beautifully well thought out.

Below is the Gamba - prawn and romesco pincho. Pretty, isn't it?
And these mushrooms, my goodness. Setas Asadas Con Jerez - oven-roasted Portobello mushrooms finished with sherry vinegar.

As the waiter approaches with it, you get this strong waft of savouriness. It was intoxicating. (Or I was tipsy). Not the easiest thing to photograph as the bar was dark, the mushrooms were dark, and my hands were shaky, but even the best photo wouldn't have done the taste justice.
I won't speak much else about the other foods and the like at MoVida, instead welcoming you to have a peek for yourself. The focus of that evening was catching up with a friend anyway ;)

Met up with Helen later on as well for a night out! I love you ladies!

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