Tuesday, 20 September 2011

My Juju Cleanse

Last week, I put myself through The Juju Cleanse. It required me to drink six bottles of various juices a day, for three days. And nothing else but water and maybe mint tea. 

Let me start off by saying if you are afraid you'll get hunger pangs, you probably won't. I did not experience a single one, and was kept full and actually quite excited by all the juices! The only real obstacle is the mental need for food! Food was everywhere - apparently handfuls of kind people decided that these three days were the days to send us packages of suman, empanaditas, giant servings of home-made adobo and boxes of Mary Grace pastries. They were also the three days my dad had his home business meetings that week, meaning mini breakfast or brunch or lunch or merienda buffets in our dining room. The mental aspect is a real toughie!

But I got through it! (mostly unscathed) I chose to do the level one, meaning only two green bombs, which a lot of people find the hardest to stomach since they're the most veggie concentrated. You drink each bottle (don't have to chug it, party fiends. You know who you are hihi.) about every two and a half hours, and try to have lots of water in between as well! I'd usually have it in a smaller glass so I could keep drinking for a longer time. I had to have a few bites of food here and there though (usually just one from my little brother, the only one left eating solids), or a banana just so that i wouldn't pass out from my workouts.

Below are the drinks I would have every day in order and what I thought about them!
Drink #1: The Green Bomb
Time: 7:30

Inside: celery, cucumber, coconut water, malunggay, pineapple, romaine lettuce and spinach

Juju says: "Since alkalinity is what you're after, this green juice is the way to go. This elixir of assorted green veggies loads you up with important nutrients and enzymes that our bodies desperately need to keep alive and well down to the cellular level. You've heard the term "life force"? This is all that and more!"

Demitasse says: The first time I had this was definitely a sight. I made faces akin to having to suck on the sourest of calamansis! But once I got over that first time hurdle, it started to taste better and better. It's not a taste you'd expect... At first I felt like they put soy sauce in the drink because it had this odd saltiness to it. But overall, I liked it. It wasn't my favourite, but I liked it. And with the list of ingredients, how could you go wrong? Veggies4lyf. Word.
Drink #2: Spicy Limonada
Time: 10:00

Inside: cayenne pepper, honey and lemon

Juju says: "Not just your ordinary lemonade. This version packs a little extra heat and health into every sip with cayenne pepper. This drink aims not to only swing your body pH into a more alkaline state, but to speed up your metabolism as well."

Demitasse says: Absolutely what I was looking for! I've started developing my palette to enjoy spicy foods recently, because up until a few months ago I had resigned myself to the sad acceptance that I simply could not take the heat and had to get out (not eat) of the kitchen (spicy food). This packs an amazing punch. Or fire. Whatever. This is amazing. I had to take a breather every now and then while I was drinking it, which would actually add to the burning (yes, burning) sensation in my throat but phewwffff was it thrilling. Apparently it (or something along the lines) is used in a lot of other cleanses as well.
Drink #3: The Red Giant
Time: 12:30

Inside: beets, carrots, ginger and pineapple

Juju says: "Rich in alkaline elements that aid in cleansing and elimination, this potent potion of beets, pineapple, carrots, and ginger is as healthy as it is delicious. Beets are remarkable good for your liver, and beet juice has been shown to increase stamina and act as an athletic performance enhancer."

Demitasse says: Yeeeeeowza, feeling the Tru Blood love up there. Sakto timing with a new episode of True Blood. This was another challenge for me. I wasn't hungry or anything, I was doing alright, but I am just not a fan of beets... They confuse me a little. And this was indeed a potent drink - very strong in flavour. But again, like the green bomb, you do get used to it, and I was able to drink it more comfortably in the passing days. I did end up liking it, but just because it was part of the overall cleanse. Shame though about it's performance enhancing qualities, because I usually work out anytime between 7:30 to 9:30 in the morning, so this just served as my post workout boost for the rest of the day I guess.
Drink #4: Alkazest
Time: 15:00

Inside: coconut water, grapefruit (could be replaced with orange if not available) and pineapple

Juju says: "This vitamin and anti-oxidant rich mix of grapefruit, pineapple, and coconut juices is a refreshing mid-afternoon picker upper. It is designed to replenish your electrolytes and boost your energy levels to help get you through the rest of the day."

Demitasse says: This... confused me. I recognised all the other drinks but this on my first day. Could not relate it back to alkazest. The first day that I had this, it was extreeeemely salty. No words for it. I could feel the salt in my body sucking all the water from my cells. Really. Suck. Suck. Suck. Just like that. The saltiness tamed down on the last two days though, I'm guessing something just went wrong when they made the first batch. Overall, it just tasted like salted orange juice. Which I liked, I guess. I mean... You can't not like orange juice. My tita guessed that this is where they invested their Himalayan crystal salt, as listed on their ingredients page.

Drink #5: The Green Bomb
Time: 17:30

Inside: celery, cucumber, coconut water, malunggay, pineapple, romaine lettuce and spinach

Juju says: "Since alkalinity is what you're after, this green juice is the way to go. This elixir of assorted green veggies loads you up with important nutrients and enzymes that our bodies desperately need to keep alive and well down to the cellular level. You've heard the term "life force"? This is all that and more!"

Demitasse says: I promise, it actually did get better when you drank more (and made sure not to breathe).
Drink #6: Salaba't Lemon
Time: 20:00

Inside: ginger, honey and lemon

Juju says: "This potent ginger tonic is an excellent expectorant, providing relief for those with respiratory problems. It helps improve circulation and stimulates your digestive system as well. This is a wonderful drink on ice and is also perfect warmed up as a pre-bedtime tea."

Demitasse says: I had it cold every night, and loved it! But that's really just because I somehow missed the memo that it'd be good warm as well. Hmm. Ginger is another flavour on my growing arsenal of kick-y tastes, and this drink is not shy about it. Deep breaths to be taken periodically as well, but don't get me wrong it was really delicious. Reminded me of the milder ginger teas I'd have at a Japanese bedrock spa down Jupiter Street. Don't you love it when food or drinks take you some long lost place or time? I do. This did. 

There you have it!

I did lose about 3lbs. from this cleanse, but gradually gained it all back by the end of the week. Not that I'm all too troubled about gaining it back. I work out six days a week, so I'm pretty confident it's not like I'm omgwtfkabayo exploding cause I'm binge eating or anything. Haha!

This was a good experience. My dad did it for one day, and it helped him realise how much you don't need to stuff your gob with grease and lard and breadcrumbs to have energy or be satisfied. I'm just kidding, he doesn't live for that stuff. But he does like it, as do we all (mostly). It helped him also realise that he can eat much smaller portions, as well as giving him the kickstart to doing so. Hallelujah because I have been trying to convince him to cut his portions down for the longest time.

It was exciting to go through this! And I think I'll be doing more juice cleanses on my own here at home from time to time, just to reset my system. I kinda miss it... Haha!


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