Friday, 15 March 2013

Summer Eats x December

This month was hectic! From my birthday and my dad's birthday on the same day. My mom's birthday. My niece's birthday. Flying to our province. Flying to Thailand. Day trips to Tagaytay. Road trips to the beach. Ground breakings, hotel blessings. All the way to Christmas and the end of 2012.

Can you imagine all the food involved?! 

And I am grateful for every hectic second! 
1. Edamame, ikura, tamago, uni, and tempura at Kikufuji.
2. Bulalo, liempo, dinuguan, and pork barbecue at a roadside canteen in Tagaytay.
3. Arroz caldo at the airport.
4. Lunch at home in Vigan, Ilocos Sur.
5. Breakfast at home in Vigan, Ilocos Sur.
6. Our birthday cakes.
7. A plateful of lechon at home in Vigan, Ilocos Sur.
8. Oysters, shime saba, hamachi, ikura, negi toro maki, tamago, and gindara take-away at home.
9. Brunch at Wildflour.
10. Mussels to share and a bacon cheeseburger and chips at Apartment 1B.
11. Buffet breakfast at DoubleTree Resort by Hilton in Phuket, Thailand.
12. Pad Thai, barbecued squid, pineapple fried rice, chicken and beef satay at Surin Beach, Thailand.


Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Searching for the perfect bowl @ Menya Ramen Melbourne

By now, you guys must have figured out that I'm front and centre of the bandwagon of ramen-obsessed.

In my last few days of summer in Manila, I pretty much ate ramen at least once a day. I've found the perfect bowl in the (in)famous Ukkokei Ramen Ron in Manila that now has a cult-like following, and once again in Ramen Kan in Sydney (best tonkotsu I've tried so far). But I still search and search and search! Especially for one here in Melbourne to rival my two favourites - a girl's gotta get her fix!

Monday, 11 March 2013

Feels good to be back! Summer Eats x November

A hi, hello, and hug to whoever is reading this right now. I am either touched you are back to read the things I write, or touched you've come to discover what Demitasse is all about. Bottom line - thank you for clicking on!

As some of you may have realised, I took a break from posting on here. I've just finished what turned out to be one of the most amazing and enlightening summers of my life, and am now back in my second week of university for the academic year. Yes, down here in Australia summers are when winters usually are and vice versa! It's taking me a while to fully register that as well, haha.

I'm going to start things on the easy side, and work my way back to full blown posts about all the things I cook and eat and devour (figuratively and literally). I started my summer in the last few days of November, and have this to show for it!
1. The most delightful Philippine mangoes.
2. Waffles at Pancake House.
3. Breakfast at home.


Thursday, 6 December 2012

Simply sinful bread and butter pudding @ Village Brasserie

Hello ducklings! I am writing to you from the beautiful wonderland that is Vigan City in Ilocos Sur. It's where my dad's family are from, where he grew up, and where I spent a good chunk of my childhood. We're here for our joint birthday celebration for the week, and I'm excited to show you guys more in future posts!

After our dinner at L'Olivo, Shiv and I decided to take a quick trip into the city for some dessert and a nightcap.

Such a lovely setting at Village Melbourne! Totally digging all the lights strung up and the picnic tables.

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Modern Italian and Mediterranean delights @ L'Olivo

I took a break during exam season to wine and dine with Shiv - it had been a while since we'd caught up, and a while since I'd had a proper meal cause of all the studying!

We went to a lovely family owned restaurant called L'Olivo in East Malvern for dinner. They serve a mix of traditional and modern dishes, reaching from the recipe books of Italy and the mediterranean. They've got tapas, pizzas, pastas, desserts - so much on offer!

Totally loving how late the sun sets during summertime in Australia! I was beyond excited and in the highest spirits, and luckily the food and drinks did not disappoint.

Friday, 23 November 2012

Summertime Celebrations @ DESSERT STORY

My darlings! I've missed you!

I am now fully in summer break, and boy, has it been a busy one! Straight after exams I got busy packing up my room for storage to prepare for my trip home to Manila. Lucky for me though, I got the chance to spend an afternoon with Belle and some friends at Dessert Story in Chinatown!

Couldn't wait to get my hands on some yummy celebratory treats!